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Marine Technology

Associate in Applied Science

This program is designed for students interested in careers working on Great Lakes, ocean-based research vessels, or in industries related to the blue economy with particular emphasis on ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) operations and applied robotics. The program features an on-water component, coursework related to ocean issues and underwater archeology, skilled trades required to design and build an ROV, and the opportunity for an internship between the first and second year of the program. Networking opportunities with public and private sector employers will be provided, along with a capstone project leading to competition in the national ROV competition. The program will emphasize project-based learning activities appealing to employers across a range of related industries.
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Program Number: marinetech.aas

First Year  
Summer Session Credit Hours Contact Hours
MRT 120 Ocean and Great Lakes Issues: Working and Science at Sea g 4 6
HST 140 United by Water: Underwater Archaeology and Maritime History g 3 4
TOTAL: 7 10
First Semester    
*MTH 110 Technical Math a OR MTH 113 Intermediate Algebra a 3 or 4 4 or 4
* ENG 111 English b OR * ENG 120 Applied Communication b 3 3
APP 106M Industrial Safety .5 .5
IND 120 Industrial Networking g 3 4
* APP 100E Electrical Studies for Trade 3 4
MRT 101 Introduction to Submersible Robotics With Build 3 4
TOTAL: 15.5-16.5 19.5
Second Semester Credit Hours Contact Hours
* MTH 112 Technical Math II a OR * MTH 122 Plane Trigonometry a 3 4 or 3
* ENG 112 English a OR * ENG 123 Technical Communication b 3 3
* CAD 150 3D Modeling 3 4
* APP 114E Programmable Controllers g 3 4
* APP 123E Linear Electronics for Electricians g 3 4
TOTAL: 15 18-19
Second Year  
Summer Internship (Optional) Work Experience - in degree description c 0 0
First Semester Credit Hours Contact Hours
* PHY 111 Applied Physics d OR * PHY 121 General College Physics d 3 or 4 4 or 6
MFG 101 Machining Processes I g 4 6
* IND 229 Hydraulic and Pneumatic Power g 3 4
* CAD 220 Machine Design g 3.5 5
* APP 107E Specialty Wiring g 3 4
TOTAL: 16.5-17.5 23-25
Second Semester Credit Hours Contact Hours
MRT 250 ROV Capstone Project g 3.5 5
* ELE 220 PC Base Data Acquisition and Control g 3 4
GEO 151 Introduction to GIS 1.5 2
* GEO 152 Advanced GIS 1.5 2
American Government Requirement e 3 or 6 3 or 6
Technical Elective f g 3 4
TOTAL: 15.5 or 18.5 20 or 23
* Prerequisites and/or co requisites are required for these courses.
a Students who plan to transfer to a 4-year institution should complete MTH 113 and MTH 122 or higher. Please see academic advisor for details.
b Students who plan to transfer to a 4-year institution should complete ENG 111 or ENG 112 or higher. Please see academic advisor for details.
c See course description regarding internship.
d Students who plan to transfer to a 4-year institution should complete PHY 121. Please see academic advisor for details.
e Choose either three credits in Political Science (PLS221 or 222) or six credits in U.S. History (HST 221 and 222).
f Technical electives include any course with the following prefixes which are listed in the course description section of this catalog:
APP 104E AC & DC Fundamentals
APP 111E Electric Motor Control
APP 128M Rigging & Weight Estimating
*CNS 170 PC Repair & Maintenance 4.0(5.0)
*PEH 104 Open Water Diver
*PEH 105 Advanced Open Water Diver
*MRT 201 Research Diver: Theory and Practice
g Included in occupational speciality; GPA of 2.0 or higher must be maintained in the area of occupational speciality.

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