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Patron Survey

  1. You are:

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  1. You have attended ACC's "Library Orientation" taught by the Librarian:

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  1. The Librarian's orientation to the library was beneficial to my college experience:
  1. Status:

  1. ACC status:

  1. Student load:

  1. You use ACC Library materials for class assignments:

  1. You are able to obtain the materials you need from or through ACC's Library:

  1. You consider the use of Library materials:
  1. You use other libraries:
  1. You have used the InterLibrary Loan service:
  1. The photocopying & microfiche/film copying facilities in the Library are:
  1. The number of seats in the Library is adequate:
  1. The seating in the Library is comfortable:
  1. The Library staff keeps you informed on services, regulations, hours, etc.:
  1. The Library staff are helpful:
  1. The Library student staff are helpful:
  1. Overall, in your opinion, the ACC Library is:
  1. How would you evaluate ACC's computerized Library card catalog?
  1. How would you evaluate the computer (full-text) databases?
  1. How would you evaluate the book collection (general, Ref., Juv., & Fic) ?
  1. How would you evaluate the magazine / newspaper collection?
  1. How would you evaluate the typing & word processing software & equipment?
  1. How would you rate the noise level in the main seating area?
  1. How would you evaluate the quiet study area (in back of Library)?
  1. Generally, how would you evaluate the Library's hours?
  1. You recommend that the Library's weekend hours:


  3. You recommend the Library's evening hours:


  1. How would you rate the picture student id system?
  1. If you have any additional recommendations, comments or suggestions for the Library please do so below. (noise level, more books or magazines on the subject/s ____________, hours open, days open, need a silent study room, need more computers, etc):

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey and assisting us with making our services better!